i dyed yarn!

Earlier in the month I purchased a couple of undyed skeins of sock yarn, for the sole purpose of...

(Photo from my Instagram)

Yup, hand dyeing! Since this was my first endeavor into the world of hand dyeing yarn, I decided to go easy and stick with Kool-Aid and food colouring. I read a lot of articles on the matter, but the two that I probably referred to the most were this one, as well as this one. I used my crock pot and basically just added drops of colour here and there... or just dumping a whole packet of Kool-Aid in! I wish I'd chronicled the process a bit with photos. But it completely flew my mind once I got started.

But nevermind that, want to see the results?

Hand Dyed

What I love the most is just how vibrant the colours are! More vibrant than I expected it to be. The skein on the left was the one that I did first. And I kind of just went crazy with that one, pretty much using every colour I had. I mostly used the food colouring on this one, though I did splash in some sections with lime Kool-Aid (already mixed with water). I also sprinkled some cherry Kool-Aid powder straight from the packet on top of the yarn in the dye pot it to create that speckled look.

Hand Dyed - First Skein 
Hand Dyed - First Skein

For the other skein, I went out of my comfort zone! I wanted to do something blue/green but I went the opposite and just went crazy red! I basically dumped two packs of cherry into the pot, then added other colours as I saw fit. Honestly there was no method to this madness, but it all worked out in the end because I think it's quite lovely.

Hand Dyed - Second Skein 
Hand Dyed - Second Skein 

I can't wait to knit some stockinette socks out of both of these skeins! I'm also itching to dye up some more yarn. I'm definitely planning on delving into the world of acid dyes in the near future.

A few other things of note...

  • Grape Kool-Aid? Yeah, totally not a nice purple. In fact, I'd hardly call it a purple at all. It was kind of a gross mottled black/purple colour. It was really unattractive.
  • The entire apartment smelled really yummy after this, not to mention the yarn!
  • A lot of the tutorials I read said to rinse the yarn until the water runs clear... but the water was clear right away. Which I hope is a testament to how colourfast these end up being!


  1. I'm about to try this myself and your post helped give me a little bit more confidence! Your skeins turned out beautifully. What did you use for the base yarn? It looks like it has a nice twist to it.