FO: Follow Your Arrow

"Follow your arrow!" Ysolda said.

So I did.

Follow Your Arrow

FO: Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL

Yarn: tosh merino light in Composition Book Grey

I participated in my first mystery KAL this past month. I'd never had any inclination to take part in a mystery KAL, but the choose your own adventure element that was added to this one was just too intriguing so I caved. I used yarn that I had leftover from a long hibernating Featherweight Cardigan that I just never picked up again. The yarn choice was mostly because a) I didn't feel like doing a two-colour version and b) It was the only fingering weight yarn I had in my stash with more than enough yardage.

Follow Your Arrow

My clue sequence was AABBB. I didn't have any particular plan to my choices, I just picked whichever one appealed to me more. I love how it turned out. It's an odd shape, but I like that it's different. I also find that the asymmetry makes it easier to wear. 

Follow Your Arrow

These photos aren't the greatest. But I really wanted to make a blog post about this one!

Follow Your Arrow


  1. I'm late posting this, but this shawl is stunning! The color is gorgeous. I tried, but kept screwing up and finally just put it down til another day.