happy new year!

I'm generally not one for resolutions. But I'm also a bit of a hypocrite because I say that and yet every year, whether I write them down or just mentally make them, I end up making at least a few. There are a few things that I have every intention of doing this year. And I'm laying them out as plainly as possible.
  1. Blog more.
  2. Knit more.
  3. Read more.
  4. Project 365.
Besides those things, I also want to be wiser about my money. I really hope to balance out my needs and my wants, and to stop giving in to those pesky wants. Because really? Those lovely skeins of Madelinetosh yarn that I have open in a browser tab right now? I don't need them. Especially when you consider how much of a stash I have at the moment. I also don't need another pair of brown boots. And that Stella & Dot necklace I'm coveting is definitely a want, and not a need. Whoops, now I'm digressing.

I'm beginning to want my drivers license a bit more these days, so maybe that will happen this year. Yes, I'm still without it. But I live downtown, and it's not something I really think about a lot. Especially when both Aaron and I work so close to our apartment.

I'm starting some part-time classes this month. I'm hoping those go well. They aren't really exciting, but career-wise, they'll be useful.

But really, I just want 2013 to be a good one. I want to take it one day at a time, living each day to the fullest and never taking anything I have for granted. I think that's more than manageable. :)



  1. I will do Project 365 with you! We can keep each other on track -- and learn how to use these fancy cameras (though mine's an 8 year old hand-me-down so it'll be like taking pictures with a brontosaurus compared to yours, I bet).

    1. It's definitely a learning experience! I only just realized that the image quality settings I had were kind of low on my camera. (I was wondering why my pictures didn't seem as nice as they could be.) I think with the two of us keeping each other on track we'll be able to do this!