FO: Orchid Thief & Life on Sundays

Long time no see, folks. I have a couple of finished objects, both of which are shawls. One of them is long overdue (I started it nearly a year ago, and finished it in February) while the other was finished recently.

Orchid Thief

FO: Orchid Thief

Yarn: Spritely Goods Sylph in 'Chaparral'

I bound off this project in February, but didn't get around to blocking it until just this past weekend. I knit this on a whim with no real plan for it, which explains why I didn't feel like I was in a hurry to block it. And honestly, I'm glad I put off blocking it for as long as I did. I felt like this shawl was a bit of a pain to block. It's shape isn't really a triangle or a crescent. Eventually I just pinned out the points of the leaves and didn't worry so much about the top edge or the scallops.

Orchid Thief

I adore the colour variation with this yarn, and my favourite bit of this shawl is the trio of leaves on the top edge.

Orchid Thief

Life on Sundays

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in 'Go Go Grassy' and Dye Cauldron Black Cat Sock Yarn in 'Flannel'

I love this finished shawl. It's huge! The Dye Cauldron yarn is oh so soft because of the cashmere content in it. The Smooshy might not be quite so soft, but it still feels lovely. Especially after blocking

Life on Sundays

I adore the colour combination I chose, since it combines two of my favourites. In the skeins I wasn't sure how it would work out since in certain light the grey almost has a purple quality to it, but it worked out splendidly.

FO: Hedera


Pattern: Hedera

Yarn: Koigu KPPM

Okay so I'm a terrible blogger. Want proof? I finished these socks on May 2nd. Then I didn't even get around to taking photos of them until June 2nd. And on top of that, it's only now that I'm actually posting about them. That's pretty sad. I'm not even going to make any promises about being a better blogger in the future. There's no point making promises I can't keep.


Because so much time has passed, a lot of the details about knitting these socks are lost on me now. They knit up pretty quickly though, and Koigu is amazing to work with. The colour is the most vibrant shade of green, I love it.

FO: Lovely

Lovely Cowl 001

Pattern: lovely cowl

Yarn: madelinetosh tosh dk in 'Antler' and 'Well Water'

A couple of weeks ago I finished the cowl I mentioned in my last blog post... which happened to be over two months ago, but we won't talk about that. Anyway!

Lovely yarn, lovely pattern... lovely cowl! This pattern was named such because the original used red as the contrast colour, making it look like there are little hearts. I chose blue and I think it looks a bit like raindrops, what do you think?

Lovely Cowl 002

I wanted to knit this cowl as soon as I saw it. It's a easy pattern to memorize which makes it good for TV knitting. The stranded colourwork is super simple, which was nice for me since this was my first time doing it. I still have half a skein of the Antler left and probably about 3/4 of the skein of Well Water.

Lovely Cowl 003

I love wearing this cowl, it's so comfy! It's summer now, but I've still been wearing it in the mornings when it is a bit chillier and in the evenings.

random tidbits


A new post two days in a row? Well I'll be damned!

I am currently working on the lovely cowl. I'm sort of on the fence as to how I feel about the it. I feel like my gauge is off, and that the knitted fabric is looking more uneven than unblocked stockinette usually done. As simple as it is, this is my first foray into colourwork. I'm thinking that probably attributes to my wonky gauge. Part of me wants to frog it but another part of me just wants to finish it. I'm sure it'll be fine when complete (blocking is a wonder after all) and that I'm just thinking too much.

Other knitting things? I'm still chugging away at my Evenstar shawl. The beading is never-ending  But I really want to finish it soon because my plan is to submit it to the Western Showcase at the Calgary Stampede this year.

I discovered MS MR from the Game of Thrones season 3 trailer and have been listening to their EP on repeat since I got it. I'm particularly fond of Dark Doo Wop:

FO: Rikke


Pattern: Rikke

Yarn: madelinetosh tosh dk in 'Butter'

Sometimes the simplest patterns are the best, and this rings especially true when it came to this hat. It's just garter stitch in the round knit in two different gauges (smaller needles for the brim, larger for the rest). I can't remember the last time I felt so satisfied with a finished knit. Everything about it just works, plus it's exactly the style of hat that I love. I kind of want to knit it in every madelinetosh colourway I can get my hands on. I actually finished this project back in November but only got around to taking decent photos of it today.


More pics can be found on my Ravelry project page.


So it's mid-February. Let's have a check-in on those resolutions, eh?

1. Blog more.
Since this is my first entry since my entry on resolutions, this (so far) is a bust.

2.  Knit more.
Well, I've finished two projects. That's something... isn't it?

3.Read more.
This one is going well so far actually. I've finished five books so far this year! Using Goodreads is good motivation.

Hahaha, yeah.... this didn't even make it a month.

Now I remember why I never make resolutions.

happy new year!

I'm generally not one for resolutions. But I'm also a bit of a hypocrite because I say that and yet every year, whether I write them down or just mentally make them, I end up making at least a few. There are a few things that I have every intention of doing this year. And I'm laying them out as plainly as possible.
  1. Blog more.
  2. Knit more.
  3. Read more.
  4. Project 365.
Besides those things, I also want to be wiser about my money. I really hope to balance out my needs and my wants, and to stop giving in to those pesky wants. Because really? Those lovely skeins of Madelinetosh yarn that I have open in a browser tab right now? I don't need them. Especially when you consider how much of a stash I have at the moment. I also don't need another pair of brown boots. And that Stella & Dot necklace I'm coveting is definitely a want, and not a need. Whoops, now I'm digressing.

I'm beginning to want my drivers license a bit more these days, so maybe that will happen this year. Yes, I'm still without it. But I live downtown, and it's not something I really think about a lot. Especially when both Aaron and I work so close to our apartment.

I'm starting some part-time classes this month. I'm hoping those go well. They aren't really exciting, but career-wise, they'll be useful.

But really, I just want 2013 to be a good one. I want to take it one day at a time, living each day to the fullest and never taking anything I have for granted. I think that's more than manageable. :)