things i love thursday: nintendo 3ds

Resulting from both impulse and a weeklong debate, I purchased a Nintendo 3DS for myself this week.

I am not a huge fan of anything 3D. I've yet to see a 3D film in theaters, and probably wouldn't want to even if you paid me. But actually, I don't find a the 3D effect on the 3DS to be too disagreeable. I like that you can adjust it so that the effect isn't as intense. I also like the fact that you can choose not to use it at all. Plus it's backwards compatible with DS games, which I have a whole bunch of already - yay!

The game that I knew I had to purchase alongside my shiny new handhold console was Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. I am a huge Final Fantasy fangirl, and I will defend to the death my opinion that the music in these games are some of the best instrumental pieces ever composed. (I will never not cry when I hear Aerith's Theme.) This game is a lovely package of straight up gaming nostalgia for me. And whether you're a fan of rhythm games, Final Fantasy, or both - you will love it. I know I sure do. I don't even want to get into how addicting this game is. I swear to god I only meant to play it for a little bit the first night I played it and when I looked up three hours had passed.

I also picked up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is a game that, with all the critical acclaim and fans that it has, I actually haven't played. Seriously, it's included on nearly every "Best Games of All Time" list I've ever seen. So it's no wonder I actually feel slightly embarrassed to admit that I have never played it. Hopefully I get started on it soon, but in the meantime, I have some more Theatrhythm to play...


(Psst, I also need to mention how much I adore PicMonkey.  It's such an easily accessible way to edit photos and images. Especially for someone like me, who's a bit lazy about it. Try it out!)


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