An FO and some other things!

Sundry 006

FO: Sundry

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Smaller Yellow Ant (CC) and madelinetosh pashmina in Paper (MC).

I finished my Sundry shawl in early October, and it has become my most worn knit this fall.  Which isn't hard to believe since everything about it - the yarn, the colour combination, the pattern... It all came together pretty perfectly, in my humble opinion.

Sundry 008

Even though this pattern is classified as a shawl, it works perfectly as a scarf. It's huge - I'm able to wrap it around my neck several times! The pattern includes instructions that let you make sure that you use as much of your skeins of yarn as possible. I added extra repeats of the houndstooth pattern in the middle, as well as extra rows of the CC section.

Sundry 003

The pattern has a picot bind off, which I did start off doing. But halfway through I wasn't happy with how it was looking. I ended up ripping that out and doing an i-cord bind off instead. I'm much happier with the way that turned out.

I've finished other things as well. Some I have photos of, and some I do not. I always intend to blog more, but it's just so much easier to update my instagram or Ravelry project pages instead. I did take some photos of some other projects I've finished! I'll include links to their project pages.

i dyed yarn!

Earlier in the month I purchased a couple of undyed skeins of sock yarn, for the sole purpose of...

(Photo from my Instagram)

Yup, hand dyeing! Since this was my first endeavor into the world of hand dyeing yarn, I decided to go easy and stick with Kool-Aid and food colouring. I read a lot of articles on the matter, but the two that I probably referred to the most were this one, as well as this one. I used my crock pot and basically just added drops of colour here and there... or just dumping a whole packet of Kool-Aid in! I wish I'd chronicled the process a bit with photos. But it completely flew my mind once I got started.

But nevermind that, want to see the results?

Hand Dyed

What I love the most is just how vibrant the colours are! More vibrant than I expected it to be. The skein on the left was the one that I did first. And I kind of just went crazy with that one, pretty much using every colour I had. I mostly used the food colouring on this one, though I did splash in some sections with lime Kool-Aid (already mixed with water). I also sprinkled some cherry Kool-Aid powder straight from the packet on top of the yarn in the dye pot it to create that speckled look.

Hand Dyed - First Skein 
Hand Dyed - First Skein

For the other skein, I went out of my comfort zone! I wanted to do something blue/green but I went the opposite and just went crazy red! I basically dumped two packs of cherry into the pot, then added other colours as I saw fit. Honestly there was no method to this madness, but it all worked out in the end because I think it's quite lovely.

Hand Dyed - Second Skein 
Hand Dyed - Second Skein 

I can't wait to knit some stockinette socks out of both of these skeins! I'm also itching to dye up some more yarn. I'm definitely planning on delving into the world of acid dyes in the near future.

A few other things of note...

  • Grape Kool-Aid? Yeah, totally not a nice purple. In fact, I'd hardly call it a purple at all. It was kind of a gross mottled black/purple colour. It was really unattractive.
  • The entire apartment smelled really yummy after this, not to mention the yarn!
  • A lot of the tutorials I read said to rinse the yarn until the water runs clear... but the water was clear right away. Which I hope is a testament to how colourfast these end up being!

WIP: Hermione's Sparkly Everyday Socks and some stash enhancement

I'm trying to break away from blogging only every six months about FOs so I'm posting about a WIP today!

For the past few months it seems like everything I've been knitting has been some shade of green. Don't get me wrong, I adore green, but I really wanted to knit something in a completely different colour. Rooting around in my stash I found a skein of Dream in Colour Starry in Miami Red... perfect! But what to cast on? Socks, clearly. My sock yarn stash is getting to be a bit of a... um... Problem. I have enough yarn to easily knit about fifty pairs of socks. But sock yarn doesn't count as stash, right? Does that rule still apply? Ah, whatever that's what I'm going to go with.

I decided to cast on for a pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks. These socks are quite popular on Ravelry, and I figured that pairing a glitzy yarn with an understated pattern would be a good idea.

Hermione's Everyday Socks WIP
I've gotten so used to magic looping my socks, but both pairs of my Addi Sock Rockets are out of commission at the moment. The nickel plating started flaking off of the tips - boo! I brought them back to the store that I got them from. They didn't have any of the ones I'd brought back left in stock, but they're going to contact me once they do so I can get replacements. I'm more than a little annoyed that the plating flaked off not just one, but both of these needles since Addis aren't exactly cheap. I've ordered a pair of HiyaHiya Sharps to try them out, because I've heard good things. But until those arrive in my mailbox I'm using good ol' DPNs.

The ribbing went really fast on these, but once I got into the leg pattern I thought they looked really large. I ended up frogging back to the beginning of the pattern section and decreasing to 60 stitches. This seems to have helped! The Starry is not very soft as I'm knitting with it, but I'm hoping that the finished socks will soften with washing. I've also noticed that the Starry I have is different than what others have used on Ravelry. I guess they changed the way the silver is spun into the yarn, and now it's actually one of the plies.

Hermione's Everyday Socks Closeup
Remember what I said above about my sock yarn stash becoming a Problem? Clearly this is a problem that isn't going to go away anytime soon because I recently made a couple of orders with Gynx Yarns in the past couple of weeks. I just received two skeins in the mail yesterday, and I have another two on their way to me right now.

This is her BFL Sock in Golden and Merino Sock in Yuna. Laura dyes a lot of colourways inspired by anime and video game characters, a fact which I seriously love. Especially since there are a lot of Final Fantasy inspired ones! I'm also eyeing Cactuar, One Winged Angel, and Golden Saucer... but my wallet can only take so much abuse.

I finished a pair of socks the other day so I may be posting about that soon... Stay tuned!